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The Classroom Sorting Set Kit is a vibrant and engaging collection designed to enhance early numeracy skills in a playful and interactive manner. This kit is a treasure trove of popular counters, making it a fantastic addition to any educational setting. By incorporating fun, brightly coloured counters into learning activities, children are naturally drawn to explore mathematical concepts through play. This not only makes learning more enjoyable but also more effective, as hands-on experiences are crucial for young learners to grasp foundational numeracy skills.

Contents of the Classroom Sorting Set Kit:

  • Dinosaur Counters: These prehistoric pals ignite the imagination and are perfect for counting, sequencing, and even creating simple maths stories.
  • Bear Counters: With their adorable design, bear counters are ideal for sorting by colour, size, or type, making them versatile tools for teaching various mathematical concepts.
  • Family Counters: Representing different family members, these counters are excellent for introducing early maths skills within the context of familiar relationships and scenarios.


  • Encourages Engagement: The irresistible appeal of the counters ensures that children are eager to interact with them, thereby increasing their engagement with educational activities.
  • Teaches Numeracy Skills: Through sorting, counting, and patterning activities, children develop a foundational understanding of numbers, sequences, and basic arithmetic.
  • Promotes Sorting Skills: The variety of counters allows children to sort by multiple attributes, including colour, shape, and size, fostering critical thinking and observational skills.
  • Supports Language Development: Discussing the different counters and their attributes helps enhance vocabulary and language skills, particularly as children describe their sorting and counting strategies.
  • Facilitates Cooperative Learning: This set is designed for use by multiple children simultaneously, promoting social skills, cooperative learning, and the ability to work in teams.

Ideal For:

  • Classroom Activities: An essential resource for preschool and early elementary classrooms, providing teachers with versatile tools to teach and reinforce maths concepts.
  • Learning Centres: Perfect for creating engaging maths centres where children can explore numbers and patterns at their own pace.
  • Home Learning: A great addition to any home learning environment, allowing parents to support their child's numeracy development through playful activities.

The Classroom Sorting Set Kit is not just a collection of counters; it's a comprehensive educational tool designed to make learning numeracy fun, interactive, and effective. With its colourful counters and the endless possibilities for creative maths activities, this kit is sure to become a favourite resource for both teachers and students alike.

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