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Dive into a world where colors blend and emotions are understood with the ColorMix Sensory Tubes. Crafted to inspire children to embrace sensory exploration and master their emotional landscapes, this set of three tubes is a gateway to discovery and resilience. As each tube is shaken, the colors within mix into mesmerizing patterns, offering a visual feast that slowly separates back into its original spectrum, providing a calming effect and a focus point for emotional management.

Features and Benefits:

  • Jumbo Design for Easy Handling: The Colormix Sensory Tubes come in a size that's just right for little hands to grip securely, promoting ease of use and exploration. The jumbo design ensures that everyone can join in the fun, fostering an inclusive environment for sensory play.

  • Innovative Square End Caps: With square end caps, these tubes are ingeniously designed to stand firm, whether vertically or horizontally, broadening the possibilities for play and observation. This thoughtful addition prevents the tubes from rolling away, keeping the focus on exploration and discovery.

  • Securely Sealed for Peace of Mind: Safety is paramount, and each tube is securely sealed to ensure that the sensory experience remains worry-free for parents and educators alike. This allows children to explore and learn without any barriers to their curiosity and creativity.

  • Comprehensive Set for Immediate Exploration: The set includes three Colourmix Tubes, each ready to dazzle with its vibrant hues and calming motion. Accompanied by multilingual packaging and an engaging Activity Guide, this set is a treasure trove of ideas for extending the learning journey.

  • Perfect Dimensions for Play: Each tube measures 20cm in height and 4.5cm in width, making them the perfect companion for young explorers. The dimensions are carefully chosen to facilitate easy handling, viewing, and storage.

Embrace the Journey of Sensory Learning and Emotional Management:

The ColorMix Sensory Tubes are not just tools for play; they are stepping stones towards becoming resilient learners who can navigate challenges with a positive outlook. Through the simple act of shaking and observing, children learn the valuable skills of focus, emotional regulation, and the beauty of a calm mind.

Ideal for home, classroom, or therapeutic settings, these tubes are a gift to any child ready to explore the depths of their senses and emotions. Let the ColorMix Sensory Tubes be the key to unlocking a world of sensory exploration, focus, and emotional growth for the young learners in your life.

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