Colour Change Lizards

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Introducing our enchanting Colour Change Lizard Figure, a versatile companion that brings a world of color-changing fun to playtime! This delightful lizard figure features innovative properties that allow it to transform right before your eyes.

Warm the Colour Change Lizard in your hands or under hot water, and prepare to be amazed as it undergoes a captivating color change. Watch as vibrant hues emerge, creating a mesmerizing display that adds excitement to every play session. Once cooled, the lizard will revert back to its original design, ready to be transformed again and again.

With an assortment of six unique designs supplied at random, there's always a new surprise waiting to be discovered. From bold patterns to whimsical motifs, each Colour Change Lizard offers its own distinct charm and personality.

Crafted with flexibility in mind, these charming creatures are perfect for dynamic posing and interactive play. Whether used for imaginative adventures or as a unique collectible, the Colour Change Lizard Figure is sure to spark creativity and delight in children of all ages.

Add a touch of magic to playtime with the Colour Change Lizard Figure and experience the wonder of color transformation like never before!

  • Lizard figure
  • Changes colour
  • Assortment of six designs
  • Approx. 13cm

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