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The Colour & Shape Complete Collection is a captivating set of open-ended resources, meticulously designed to foster exploration and learning in the realms of colour, shade, light, and shadow, especially when used in conjunction with the A3 Light Panel. This comprehensive collection offers a multifaceted educational experience, enabling children to delve into the worlds of physical science and art, while also enhancing their mathematical thinking and mark-making skills. It's a toolkit developed to spark curiosity, promote close observation, and encourage experimentation, paving the way for further research and discovery.

This full collection includes:

  • A3 Light Panel: Serves as the foundation for exploring the properties of light, colour, and transparency. Its large surface area provides ample space for creative and educational activities.
  • 250 Colour Counters: A wide array of coloured counters that can be used for sorting, patterning, and sequencing activities, aiding in the development of mathematical concepts and colour recognition.
  • Liquid Spiral Timer: An engaging visual tool that captivates with its mesmerising flow, demonstrating principles of fluid dynamics and the passage of time in a tangible manner.
  • Rainbow Blocks Pack of 24: These blocks, in a variety of shapes and colours, allow for the exploration of light, colour mixing, and construction, fostering both creative and cognitive development.
  • Acetate Sheets: Transparent sheets in different colours that can be overlaid and combined on the light panel to explore colour mixing, transparency, and the effects of light diffusion.
  • Colour Paddles: Transparent paddles in various colours that children can look through or combine to discover new colours and understand the concepts of colour mixing and light filtration.


  • Encourages Scientific Exploration: From experimenting with light and shadow to observing colour mixing, the set introduces children to basic physical science concepts in an accessible and engaging way.
  • Enhances Mathematical Thinking: The inclusion of colour counters and rainbow blocks supports the development of key mathematical skills, including sorting, counting, and recognising patterns.
  • Promotes Artistic Expression: By experimenting with colours, shapes, and shadows, children can express themselves artistically, exploring their creativity and developing an appreciation for art.
  • Develops Observation and Research Skills: Designed to stimulate questioning and close observation, this collection encourages children to think critically and conduct their own experiments and research.
  • Facilitates Collaborative Learning: With enough resources to support multiple users simultaneously, the set is ideal for collaborative learning environments, promoting communication and teamwork.

The Colour & Shape Complete Collection is more than just an educational resource; it's an invitation to explore, discover, and learn in a dynamic and interactive way. Ideal for classrooms, homeschool settings, and play areas, this collection provides a comprehensive toolkit for nurturing curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning among young explorers

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