Coloured Desktop Sand And Water Tray With Stand

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Introducing the Coloured Desktop Sand and Water Tray with Stand, the perfect addition to any classroom or play area.
This versatile tray is designed for endless hours of sensory play and exploration.
Crafted from sturdy plastic material, the coloured tray adds a vibrant touch to the learning environment while ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear.

The steel stand with powder-coated frames adds a touch of robustness to the table, ensuring it withstands the playful activities of curious little learners.
With its innovative folding feature, this sand and water table can be easily stored away when not in use, saving valuable space in your classroom or storage area. Its compact yet spacious design is ideal for educators and parents looking to organize and optimize their learning environments.

The addition of a nylon shelf at the bottom of the stand provides convenient storage space for accessories or tools, keeping all essentials easily accessible. Two castors are also included to allow effortless movement around the classroom, giving you the freedom to adapt the activity setup wherever it is needed.

The Coloured Desktop Sand and Water Tray with Stand is not limited to a single activity, making it the ultimate tool for versatile play and exploration. Whether it's play sand, fine sand, water play, or other sensory activities, this table caters to a wide range of learning experiences.

From stimulating sensory play to developing fine motor skills and encouraging imaginative thinking, this table offers endless possibilities for young minds to explore, create, and discover. It provides a clean and organized workspace for sand and water activities, giving children a focused and engaging play area.

The tray measures 50 x 70 x 15cm deep, while the frame measures 58cm high and 48 x 70cm long, providing ample space for various activities.

Easy to set up and assemble without the need for additional tools, this tray is a practical choice for educators, child care providers, and parents alike. Its durability, mobility, and multi-functionality make it the perfect addition to any educational environment.

Upgrade your learning space with the Coloured Desktop Sand and Water Tray with Stand and watch your children's imaginations come to life!
  • This folding sand & water table is perfect for easy storage.
  • Ideal for play sand, fine sand, water play and exploration activities.
  • Features: Nylon shelf and two casters to allow easy movement around the classroom Tray measures: 50 x 70 x 15cm deep
  • Frame measures: 58cm high and 48 x 70cm long

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