Colourful Magnetic Wands Set Of 6

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Colourful Magnetic Wands Set of 6

The Colourful Magnetic Wands Set of 6 is an engaging and versatile tool designed for hands-on interactive early years literacy learning. These wands are perfect for use in the classroom with Lowercase Alphabet Counters (sold separately), as well as for a wide variety of other educational activities. They provide a multisensory approach to learning early literacy skills such as blending and segmenting sounds, while also teaching the basic principles of magnetism.

Key Features:

  • Early Literacy Skills: Ideal for blending and segmenting sounds, making them perfect for early literacy learning.
  • Multisensory Learning: Provides a hands-on approach that enhances sensory engagement and aids in the retention of literacy skills.
  • Magnetism Education: Helps children understand the basic principles of magnetism through interactive play.
  • Easy to Grip: Designed for little hands, making them easy to hold and manipulate.


  • Enhances Learning: Engages children in interactive and multisensory activities that promote early literacy skills.
  • Educational Fun: Makes learning letters and sounds fun and interactive, keeping children engaged.
  • Versatile Use: Can be used in various activities beyond literacy, including basic science experiments involving magnetism.
  • Colourful Design: Bright and colourful design makes them attractive to children and adds a visual element to learning.

Product Specifications:

  • Set Includes: 6 Magnetic Wands in 6 different colours.
  • Wand Dimensions: Each wand measures 18.5 cm in length.
  • Material: Made from durable, child-safe materials.
  • Age Range: Suitable for children aged 3 years and above.

Areas of Learning Supported:

  • Early Literacy: Helps children learn letters, sounds, and early reading skills.
  • Science and Magnetism: Introduces the basic principles of magnetism in a fun and engaging way.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through hands-on activities.
  • Sensory Development: Engages multiple senses, aiding in sensory development and integration.

Usage Ideas:

  • Letter Matching: Use the wands to pick up magnetic alphabet counters and match them to their corresponding letters or words.
  • Sound Blending: Encourage children to blend sounds by picking up letters with the wands and forming simple words.
  • Magnet Experiments: Conduct basic magnetism experiments to show how magnets attract and repel.
  • Creative Play: Incorporate the wands into imaginative play scenarios, such as magical wands or building structures with magnetic blocks.

Safety and Maintenance:

  • Age Suitability: Recommended for children aged 3 years and above.
  • Cleaning: Wipe the wands with a damp cloth if necessary.
  • Storage: Store the wands in a safe, dry place to ensure longevity.


The Colourful Magnetic Wands Set of 6 is a fantastic educational tool for early literacy learning and exploring the principles of magnetism. Their colourful design and easy-to-grip shape make them appealing and accessible for young children. Whether used in the classroom or at home, these wands offer endless possibilities for interactive and multisensory learning, helping children develop essential literacy and scientific skills through play

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