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Our TickiT® Connecting Camels are a colourful and fun way for your child to improve their mathematical skills.
The Connecting Camels come in six colours and three different sizes, they are easy to connect together - head to tail. Children will enjoy using these friendly fellows for exploring numbers, colour identification, algebra, shape and space, sorting, grouping, measurement and data. Promotes counting, number recognition, estimation and quick mental maths. In formation the camels can be used to create cyclic patterns, perimeters and for measuring. 

The Connecting Camels Sequencing Cards are for use with our Connecting Camels sets. The colour cards provide sequencing challenges with increasing levels of difficulty, great for developing this vital mathematical skill.

Practical Pre-School Awards 2011
"These Connecting Camels are easy to push together and pull apart, and they balance well Children loved the bright colours and invented so many games to play with them. Even our two-year olds were able to use them for colour sorting and size differentiation. This really is a great numeracy resource."

Connecting Camels Sets include:
• 96 camels in 6 colours and 3 sizes with activity guide n 8 languages
• 120 camels in 6 colours and 3 sizes with activity guide in 8 languages
• 20 laminated colour cards and user guide in 8 languages
Size: Small 4.5cm (5g), medium 5.5cm (10g), large 6cm (15g). Cards L 30cm x H 5.5cm.
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.


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