Crown Maypole With Ribbons

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Traditional Maypole

Our Maypole has been a cherished addition to schools and organisations across the UK for over 70 years, bringing communities together for festive celebrations and traditional dances.

Product Features

  • History of Use: Widely used in hundreds of schools and organisations for over seven decades.
  • Easy Transport and Storage: The 274cm pole is supplied in two sections, making it convenient to transport and store. The largest section is the base, measuring 95cm squared, allowing it to fit easily into a car.
  • Height: Once constructed, the maypole stands at an impressive 366cm.


  • Community Engagement: Ideal for fostering community spirit and teaching children traditional dances.
  • Durable Design: Crafted to last through years of use in various settings.
  • Convenient Setup: The two-section design simplifies both transportation and storage, ensuring ease of use.

Bring the joy of traditional maypole dancing to your school or organisation with this time-honoured and easily transportable maypole.

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