Cup And Ball Game

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Beautifully crafted traditional wooden cup and ball game.
The wooden cup and ball game is painted in bright yellow, red and green colours making this a stunning visual resource.
Have a go at this classic wooden cup and ball game and try to get the ball in the cup by throwing it in the air and catching it in the cup.
The Cup and ball game is a great starting point for a compare and contrast history activity looking at how toys have changed through time.
  • A highly entertaining and simple game, the cup and ball game is a great way to introduce toys from the past to your pupils.
  • Can they do it easily? This toy was popular in Europe with adults and children alike.
  • Cups and balls came to England from France where it was called 'bilbocquet'.
  • Great for hand-eye co-ordination and to help build the skill whilst having fun.
  • 4.50 x 5.00 x 20.00 cm

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