Cushtie Neck Massage Pillow

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Vibration has many therapeutic benefits for people of all ages, with or without disabilities or sensory processing disorders.
These pillows are a comfortable and convenient way to provide soothing, regulating and healing effects to any part of your body.
In particular, children with sensory processing disorders / sensory integration dysfunction enjoy, and often need or crave, the input these pillows provide.
For the under sensitive child, the pillows can provide the absolute necessary input to help calm and regulate their system.

You could even place the pillow next to your child/infant to help them drift into a peaceful sleep.
A great pillow for hugging or holding or behind the back.
For the oversensitive child, it can be a tool to help increase their tolerance to tactile input.
Either way, it's uses within the scope of a sensory processing disorder are invaluable.
Adults can also benefit from the therapeutic healing and relaxation powers of these massage pillows.
They are a most comfortable way to target certain areas of the body that need to be soothed and comforted.

  • You can put these pillows on sore tired muscles; neck, shoulders, feet, legs, or your back.
  • Relaxation will come, muscle spasms and soreness will fade!
  • A delightful item for relaxation and massage but this is not a toy.
  • its calming and relaxing effects will certainly impact the entire sensory system as each part relaxes.
  • After all, who doesn't enjoy a good vibration massage?
  • Colour may vary

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