Dinosaur Groan Tube

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Introducing the Hypno Swirl Fidget Spinner - where one flick of the fingers unleashes a mesmerizing symmetrical spiral in perfect harmonic flow. Crafted for ultimate satisfaction, this smooth spinner feels like heaven in your hands.

Spin one on top of the other, or experiment with spinning in different directions - the possibilities are endless with the Hypno Spinner. It's not just a toy; it's an awesome, relaxing, pocket-sized silent fidget that transports overactive minds to a quieter, simpler place and space.

Whether you're seeking stress relief, focus enhancement, or simply some mesmerizing fun, the Hypno Swirl Fidget Spinner is your perfect companion. So why wait? Experience the calming magic of the Hypno Spinner today and let your fingers dance in harmony with its soothing spin.

 Dinosaur Groan Tube

  • Hand and eye co-ordination
  • Gripping Skills
  • Hand Grip and hand muscle exercises
  • Balance Fantastic
  • Pocket Money Value Reward
  • Age 3+
  • Order more than one for a mixed variety
  • W7 x H43 x D5cm

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