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Introducing our Wooden Discovery Dividers, a versatile and engaging set of sorting dividers crafted from attractive birch plywood.
These dividers effortlessly slot together to form a circular 6-way sorting circle, providing endless opportunities for hands-on learning and discovery.
The Wooden Discovery Dividers set has been thoughtfully designed to fit perfectly inside our Sensory Mood Discovery Table, enhancing the sorting experience during sensory play.
However, its portable and user-friendly nature also allows for independent use on any floor or table, enabling free-play sorting, counting, and pattern-making activities.

This set of dividers supports various areas of learning, making it a valuable educational resource.
In terms of mathematics, the dividers promote sorting skills, allowing children to categorize objects based on various attributes while developing their critical thinking abilities.
The collaborative nature of play with these dividers supports personal development as children engage with others, fostering communication, cooperation, and teamwork.

Furthermore, the Wooden Discovery Dividers contribute to physical development, promoting fine motor skills as children manipulate and manipulate the dividers to create sorting displays.
They also encourage observation skills and facilitate understanding the world around them as children explore and classify objects according to their features.

Creating an enabling environment for learning is vital, and our Wooden Discovery Dividers provide practical resources for educators, teachers, and parents alike. The durability of the birch plywood ensures long-lasting use, and the ease of assembly makes them readily accessible for children of all ages.

Invest in our Wooden Discovery Dividers and unlock the potential for hands-on, immersive learning experiences. Watch as children engage, discover, and develop essential skills across multiple areas of learning. Whether utilized within our Sensory Mood Discovery Table or independently on any surface, these dividers offer endless possibilities for educational play and exploration.

  • Maths - sorting
  • Personal Development - collaborative play
  • Physical Development - motor skills
  • Understanding the World - observation
  • Enabling Environment - practical resources
  • Specification Size when assembled: H 50mm x 646mm dia.
  • Age: Suitable from 3 years.

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