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The DNA Sensory Ball is an irresistible and engaging fidget toy that doubles as a stress reliever and hand strengthener. This innovative stress ball features smaller colourful spheres encased in a clear, gel-filled cover, giving it a unique DNA-like appearance that's as fun to look at as it is to squeeze. It's "grabbable" texture and satisfying tactile response make it hard to put down.

A Perfect Fidget Solution

Designed for kids who love to fidget, the DNA Sensory Ball provides an ideal outlet for restless hands, promoting focus and reducing anxiety. It's also a wonderful sensory tool for students with special needs, offering an enjoyable way to relieve stress and enhance concentration.

Rehabilitation and Hand Strengthening

Beyond its role as a fidget toy, this versatile ball is excellent for rehabilitation and building hand strength. Its variable resistance and unique gel texture provide effective exercises for hands and fingers.

Safe and Durable Design

Crafted with non-toxic, latex-free materials, the DNA Sensory Ball is safe for children ages five and up. It is durable and resilient, withstanding countless squeezes while always returning to its original shape.

Key Features:

  • Engaging Fidget Toy: Ideal for kids who need a satisfying fidget or sensory tool to help them concentrate.
  • Designed for Special Needs: Excellent for students with special needs, providing a soothing and tactile experience.
  • Rehabilitation and Hand Strengthening: Great for strengthening hand muscles through resistance exercises.
  • Non-toxic and Latex-Free: Ensures safe use for children 5+ years old.
  • Vibrant Colours: Contains bright, colourful inner balls that vary in colour and provide visual interest.

Encourage focus, relieve stress, and strengthen little hands with the fun and irresistible DNA Sensory Ball, a perfect choice for children of all needs.

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