Double Magnifying Bug Box

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Explore the fascinating world of insects up close with the Double Magnifying Bug Box. Specially designed for budding naturalists and curious explorers, this bug box features a unique double-lens system that offers powerful 4x magnification, making it easier than ever to view the smallest creatures in incredible detail.

Powerful Magnification

With its two lenses, the Double Magnifying Bug Box allows for two levels of magnification. Use a single lens to magnify objects 2x, or stack both lenses to achieve an impressive 4x magnification. This flexible system enables children to study the fine details of their discoveries, sparking curiosity and enhancing their understanding of the natural world.

Safe and Fun Exploration

The bug box is built with a transparent container that securely houses your specimens while allowing for a 360-degree view. Children can safely observe insects, leaves, and other tiny finds up close before carefully releasing them back into their environment. Its design encourages safe exploration and a respect for living creatures.

Sturdy and Child-Friendly

Standing at 15 cm high, the Double Magnifying Bug Box is the perfect size for little hands. The durable construction ensures it can handle outdoor adventures while remaining lightweight enough for children to carry around. Suitable for ages 3 and up, it's an ideal introduction to the joys of bug hunting.

Key Features:

  • Double Lens System: Offers 2x and 4x magnification for versatile viewing.
  • Transparent Container: Provides a clear, 360-degree view of specimens.
  • Respectful Release: Encourages careful and safe release of bugs after observation.
  • Sturdy Design: Made from durable materials to withstand outdoor play.
  • 15 cm High: Perfectly sized for small hands.
  • Age 3+: Suitable for young explorers aged 3 and above.

Nurture a love of nature and science with the Double Magnifying Bug Box, a tool that makes the microscopic world come to life in the hands of every child.

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