Early Years Literacy Progress Kit

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Introducing the Early Years Literacy Progress Kit, a comprehensive collection of games and activities designed to enhance and support early literacy development in the early years stage.
This kit recognizes the importance of games and play in the areas of learning outlined within the Early Years Framework. It offers a wide range of activities that promote communication and language, personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, and understanding the world.

The kit includes engaging and interactive resources that are specifically designed to foster a love for reading, writing, and language skills from a young age. From letter recognition and phonics to storytelling and vocabulary building, each activity is carefully curated to align with the early years curriculum and encourage children's literacy progress.

By incorporating these fun and educational games into daily routines, educators and parents can create a stimulating and supportive learning environment. The activities not only help children develop early literacy skills but also enhance their communication skills, build confidence, and encourage social interaction.

The Early Years Literacy Progress Kit provides educators and parents with a wealth of resources that can be easily incorporated into daily lesson plans or home learning activities. The kit is designed to be versatile and adaptable to different teaching styles and learning environments.

Investing in this comprehensive kit ensures that you have a wide range of proven and effective resources at your disposal. From flashcards to interactive games and manipulatives, the Early Years Literacy Progress Kit equips you with the tools necessary to help young learners develop a strong foundation in literacy.

Choose the Early Years Literacy Progress Kit to ignite a lifelong love for reading, writing, and language skills in young learners. Promote early literacy development with engaging and educational activities that lay the foundation for future academic success.

Early Years Literacy Progress Kit includes:

  • 1 x Rolling tales game
  • 1 x Shape your story game
  • 6 x A5 lined literacy boards
  • 1 x Ask a question dice pair
  • 1 x Casey the Caterpillar
  • 1 x Sound and letter game
  • 1 x Cargo ship
  • 1 x Position, size, and direction
  • 1 x Wooden alphabet tray
  • 1 x Lionel the Soldier, the Mark Makers® story book
  • 1 x Archie the Rainbow, the Mark Makers® story book
  • 1 x Swirlo the Magic Pot, the Mark Makers® story book
  • 1 x Ziggy the Monster, the Mark Makers® story book
  • 1 x Spellbound 4-pad flip book
  • 1 x Spellbound Wordsup board

  • Suitable for ages: 3+

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