Early Years Maths Kit

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Unlock Early Mathematical Skills with the Early Years Maths Kit

The Early Years Maths Kit is the ultimate resource designed to help young children develop essential early maths skills. Perfect for use in EYFS settings or reception maths lessons, this comprehensive kit offers a wide range of engaging tools and materials to support the mathematical development of young learners.

Key Features of the Early Years Maths Kit

Comprehensive Learning:

  • Counting Tools: Includes counting cubes, number flashcards, and number lines to help children practice and master counting.
  • Number Recognition: Features number recognition cards, puzzles, and mats to build confidence in using numbers in various contexts.
  • Addition and Subtraction: Provides addition and subtraction flashcards, dice, and manipulatives for hands-on learning of basic arithmetic.
  • Shapes and Measurement: Includes geometric shape cards, measuring tapes, and shape puzzles to explore and understand different shapes and sizes.

Engaging and Interactive:

  • The kit is designed to make learning fun and interactive, ensuring that children remain engaged while developing their mathematical skills.
  • Each activity is tailored to promote active learning, allowing children to learn through play and exploration.

Supportive Resources:

  • The kit includes a variety of games and activities that cater to different learning styles, ensuring that every child can benefit from the resources provided.
  • Teachers and parents can use these resources to create a stimulating learning environment that encourages mathematical curiosity and development.

Kit Contents

  1. Pyjama Party Game: A fun way to introduce counting and number recognition.
  2. Comparative Size Game: Helps children understand size comparisons and measurement.
  3. Wooden Lacing Number Cheese: Combines fine motor skills with number recognition.
  4. Magnetic Numbers and Symbols: Allows for interactive number play and arithmetic practice.
  5. Numeracy Game: Engages children in a variety of numeracy challenges.
  6. Number Ladybird Game: Teaches counting and number patterns.
  7. Pupils Number Street (36 pieces): Encourages counting and number sequencing.
  8. Wooden Cargo Ship: Integrates counting with imaginative play.
  9. Shape Flip Book: Introduces geometric shapes and their properties.
  10. Wiggly Worm: A fun way to learn about lengths and measurements.
  11. Numbers Up Flip Books (6 pieces): Supports number recognition and sequencing.

Benefits of the Early Years Maths Kit

  • Develops Fundamental Skills: Helps children grasp the basics of counting, number recognition, and arithmetic.
  • Promotes Hands-On Learning: Encourages active participation and engagement through tactile and interactive resources.
  • Supports Curriculum Goals: Aligns with EYFS and reception maths lesson objectives, making it a valuable tool for educators.
  • Encourages Exploration and Discovery: Fosters a love for learning by allowing children to explore mathematical concepts in a playful and supportive environment.

Invest in Early Mathematical Success

With the Early Years Maths Kit, educators and parents can provide children with the resources they need to develop essential maths skills from an early age. This kit offers a fun, comprehensive, and effective way to support young learners on their mathematical journey. Order your kit today and watch your children thrive in their early mathematical education!

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