Emotions Thermometer Chart

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The Emotional Thermometer was created and designed with Cahms input to help teachers and parents teach younger children to learn to recognise their own escalation cycle, an important step in developing emotional regulation skills.
The idea that one’s feelings can differ in intensity is an important concept for children to grasp in order to gain the skills necessary to manage their own feelings and behaviour.
Children who are able to recognise and label their emotions early in an escalation cycle are typically better able to regulate and self-manage their own behaviour in stressful situations or ones of high emotional stress.

  • This product is ideal for implementing IEP goals which focus on emotional literacy and stress management skills or for delivering proactive instruction as part of a behaviour support plan.
  • It is also useful for children who require a bit more behavioural support within the classroom.
  • Each Chart is the Size of A4 strong backed,Gloss treated card making it durable and wipeable.

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