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Feely Fabric Letters: Fun and Tactile Learning Tools

Enhance your child's learning experience with Feely Fabric Letters, designed to engage and educate through touch and play. These tactile letters are perfect for young learners taking their first steps with numbers, phonics, and alphabet activities.

Key Features of Feely Fabric Letters:

Tactile and Sensory Engagement

  • Touch and Feel: Each letter is made from soft, appealing fabric, encouraging children to explore and engage with the alphabet through tactile sensation.
  • Flexible Design: These letters are easy to manipulate, making them ideal for young hands to grasp and play with.

Educational Benefits

  • Alphabet and Phonics: Perfect for helping children recognize and learn the alphabet, these letters support phonics and early reading skills.
  • Numeracy Skills: Use the letters to build simple words and numbers, enhancing early literacy and numeracy development.

Versatile Learning Tool

  • Group Activities: Ideal for classroom settings, group activities, and collaborative learning.
  • Interactive Play: Children can use the letters for pegging on a washing line, making learning interactive and fun.

Product Specifications:

  • Complete Lowercase Alphabet: The set includes all 26 lowercase letters.
  • Size: Each letter measures between 105–170mm high, making them easy for little hands to hold.
  • Storage Bag: Comes with a handy storage bag for easy organization and portability.

Benefits of Using Feely Fabric Letters:

  • Enhanced Recognition: Improves awareness and recognition of letters and sounds.
  • Early Learning Support: Aids in the development of early literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Interactive and Fun: Makes learning engaging and enjoyable through hands-on activities.
  • Portable and Convenient: Easy to store and transport with the included storage bag.


The Feely Fabric Letters are more than just learning tools; they are an interactive and engaging way to introduce your child to the world of letters and numbers. With their soft texture and flexible design, these letters make learning a sensory-rich experience that children will love.


  • Tactile Engagement: Soft fabric letters encourage touch and exploration.
  • Complete Alphabet: Includes all 26 lowercase letters.
  • Flexible Design: Easy for young hands to manipulate and play with.
  • Educational Benefits: Supports early literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for group activities, classroom settings, and interactive play.
  • Convenient Storage: Comes with a handy storage bag.
  • Size: Letters measure 105–170mm high.

Introduce a fun and tactile way to learn with Feely Fabric Letters. Perfect for both individual and group activities, these letters will help your child develop essential early learning skills through play. Order your set today and watch your child’s love for learning grow

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