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Feely Fabric Numbers: A Sensory Approach to Early Numeracy

Introduce a tactile and engaging method to number learning with the Feely Fabric Numbers. These luxurious, soft-touch numbers are designed to make early numeracy fun and appealing for young learners. Perfect for various identifying, matching, ordering, and sorting activities, these numbers add an extra sensory dimension to learning.

Key Features of Feely Fabric Numbers:

Sensory Learning

  • Soft-Touch Fabrics: Made from two different fabrics, these numbers provide a unique sensory experience, helping children distinguish between odd and even numbers.
  • Tactile Engagement: The different textures encourage children to explore numbers through touch, enhancing their sensory development.

Versatile Educational Tool

  • Early Numeracy Skills: Supports activities such as identifying, matching, ordering, and sorting numbers, making it ideal for children taking their first steps in number recognition.
  • Group Activities: Perfect for group work in classrooms or at home, encouraging cooperative learning and peer interaction.
  • Pegging Fun: Numbers can be pegged on a washing line, adding an element of play to learning.

Convenient and Durable

  • Complete Set: Includes ten numerals from 0 to 9, providing a comprehensive set for various learning activities.
  • Storage Bag: Comes in a useful yellow storage bag, making it easy to store and transport.
  • Large Size: Each number measures 160mm high, making them easy for little hands to hold and manipulate.

Benefits of Feely Fabric Numbers

Enhanced Learning Experience

  • Multisensory Approach: Combines visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning, catering to different learning styles and helping children retain information better.
  • Early Math Skills: Helps develop fundamental math skills such as number recognition, sequencing, and understanding odd and even numbers.

Flexible Use

  • Home and Classroom: Suitable for use in both educational settings and at home, offering flexibility for teachers and parents.
  • Interactive Play: Encourages hands-on interaction and active learning, making numeracy enjoyable.


The Feely Fabric Numbers set is an innovative and engaging tool that transforms early numeracy learning into a fun and tactile experience. With its soft-touch fabrics and versatile uses, it supports a range of learning activities and helps children develop essential math skills in a sensory-rich environment.


  • Sensory Learning: Made from two different fabrics for a tactile experience.
  • Early Numeracy Skills: Ideal for identifying, matching, ordering, and sorting numbers.
  • Group Activities: Perfect for group work and cooperative learning.
  • Complete Set: Includes numerals 0-9 in a convenient storage bag.
  • Large Size: Numbers measure 160mm high for easy handling.

Enhance your child’s number learning with the Feely Fabric Numbers set. Order now to provide a sensory and engaging approach to early numeracy that makes learning numbers a delightful experience!

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