Fibre Optic Crystal Star Wand

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Illuminate the night with the enchanting Fibre Optic Crystal Star Wand, a mesmerising accessory that transforms any dark space into a dazzling light show. This stunning wand features a clear handle, designed for ease of use with a conveniently located press button for effortless operation.

The Fibre Optic Crystal Star Wand is not just a simple toy; it's a vessel for magical light displays. With multiple light modes to choose from, including colour changing, flashing, colour chill out mode, and a twinkling effect, this wand offers a variety of visual delights. Whether you're looking to mesmerise with a slow, colour-changing glow or entertain with a lively flash, the Crystal Star Wand adapts to suit the mood.

Crafted for safety and comfort, the wand is equipped with super soft fibre optic tails. These soft, touchable strands are safe to interact with, making it a perfect companion for children's adventures in any dark environment, such as bedrooms or sensory dens. The soft fibres, combined with the stunning multi-colour light show, create an atmosphere of wonder and excitement.

Key Features of the Fibre Optic Crystal Star Wand:

  • Ice Fibre Optic Torch Design: A see-through handle with integrated LEDs, offering 7 mesmerising settings from colour changing to colour separation, enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Versatile Light Modes: Includes colour changing, flashing, colour chill out, and twinkle effect, among others, allowing for a tailored light show experience.
  • Safe and Soft Fibre Optic Tails: Designed for safety, the wand's fibre optic tails are soft and safe to touch, ideal for children's delicate hands.
  • Ideal for Dark Environments: Its stunning light effects make it a fantastic addition to any bedroom, dark den, or sensory room, creating a magical atmosphere.
  • Popular Flashing Light-up Wand: A beloved choice among children, this wand is sure to captivate with its great colours and dynamic flashing modes.

The Fibre Optic Crystal Star Wand is a magical addition to any collection, promising to enchant with its light displays and safe, soft-touch design. Perfect for parties, sensory play, or simply adding a touch of magic to the everyday, the Crystal Star Wand is a beacon of joy and wonder.

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