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The Fidget and Focus Tub is a thoughtfully assembled collection of fidget toys, designed to cater to individuals who benefit from sensory input to enhance focus, relieve stress, and improve cognitive performance. This tub is perfect for children and adults alike, providing a variety of tactile experiences to suit different sensory needs.

Features of the Fidget and Focus Tub:

  • Variety of Fidget Toys: The tub includes 10 different fidget toys, such as chew sticks, stress balls, tactile rings, and other items designed to provide sensory feedback and stimulation.
  • Portable and Secure Storage: Equipped with a secure screw top lid, the tub is easy to carry and ideal for transporting. This makes it perfect for use at school, during travels, or in any setting where a quick sensory break may be needed.
  • Engaging and Therapeutic: Each toy in the tub has been selected to not only engage but also to offer therapeutic benefits, helping to calm and relax users by providing a focus for their energy.


  • Enhances Concentration: Handling the fidget toys can help improve concentration and attention to tasks by providing a physical outlet for excess energy and anxiety.
  • Stress Relief: The tactile engagement provided by the toys helps reduce stress and anxiety, making it easier for children and adults to relax and refocus.
  • Supports Sensory Processing: Particularly beneficial for individuals with ADHD, autism, or sensory processing disorders, the diverse textures and movements of the toys help manage sensory needs.
  • Improves Fine Motor Skills: Frequent use of these fidget toys can aid in the development of fine motor skills, improving dexterity and coordination.

Ideal Usage:

  • Educational Settings: Teachers can use this kit in the classroom to support students who need sensory breaks or help in managing their focus during lessons.
  • At Home: Families will find the tub useful for providing sensory play at home, helping family members of all ages to relax and manage stress.
  • Therapeutic Environments: Therapists can incorporate these toys into sessions, using them as tools to aid in communication and engagement with clients.
  • Workplace: Adults may find these toys beneficial for maintaining concentration and alleviating stress in the workplace.

Overall, the Fidget and Focus Tub is an excellent resource for anyone seeking a practical and effective way to manage sensory needs. Its compact and portable design, coupled with a selection of thoughtfully chosen fidget toys, makes it an invaluable addition to any home, classroom, or therapeutic setting.

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