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The Fidget Pop Tubes Set is a vibrant and engaging collection of fidget toys that are perfect for sensory play. This pack includes eight brightly colored tubes, each capable of expanding, contracting, and bending in fun and interactive ways.

Features of the Fidget Pop Tubes Set:

  • Expandable: Each tube starts compact but can stretch up to 70cm in length, providing a satisfying extension and contraction motion that fascinates and engages.
  • Flexible and Bendable: The tubes can be twisted and bent into various shapes and forms, enhancing creative play and dexterity.
  • Interconnectable: Designed to connect end-to-end, these tubes can be joined together to form even longer tubes or creative structures.
  • Colorful Assortment: Comes in a mix of bright colors, making the set visually stimulating and attractive for all ages.


  • Sensory Stimulation: The tactile feedback from stretching and bending the tubes helps stimulate fine motor skills and sensory exploration.
  • Stress Relief and Focus: Manipulating the pop tubes can provide a calming effect, helping to reduce anxiety and increase focus, especially for individuals with ADHD or autism.
  • Educational and Creative Play: These tubes can be used to teach concepts of physics like force and motion, while also encouraging imaginative play and problem-solving.
  • Portable and Durable: Made from durable materials, these tubes are easy to clean, carry, and store, making them ideal for both home and classroom settings.

Ideal Usage:

  • In Classrooms: Teachers can use these as a hands-on learning tool to engage students in lessons about science or as calming fidgets during structured activities.
  • Therapeutic Settings: Occupational therapists might find these tubes beneficial for clients who need sensory feedback or are working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • At Home: Great for keeping children entertained and engaged, these tubes are suitable for quiet playtime or as a distraction during travel.
  • Group Activities: Perfect for cooperative play, children can work together to build large structures or solve challenges, promoting social interaction and teamwork.

Overall, the Fidget Pop Tubes Set offers endless possibilities for fun and learning, making it a valuable addition to any collection of educational or therapeutic tools.

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