Fluffy Putty

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Fluffy Putty

Discover the joy of tactile and sensory play with our Fluffy Putty – the lighter, fluffier version of regular putty! This delightful toy provides endless fun and creative possibilities, making it a fantastic addition to any playtime or sensory activity.

Our Fluffy Putty comes in a generously sized tub, perfect for hours of squeezing, snapping, and shaping. The putty's unique texture is super stretchy and soft, providing a satisfying tactile experience without being sticky. Whether you’re rolling it into different shapes, breaking it apart, or simply enjoying the feel of it in your hands, Fluffy Putty offers endless opportunities for creative and sensory play.

Available in three vibrant colours – green, grey, and pink – this putty is as visually appealing as it is fun to play with. The soft, fluffy texture is perfect for children aged 3 and up, encouraging imaginative play and helping to develop fine motor skills.

The tub of Fluffy Putty is conveniently sized at approximately 4.5cm in height and 9cm in diameter, making it easy to store and carry. This ensures that your putty stays fresh and ready for play whenever inspiration strikes. Whether at home, in the classroom, or on the go, Fluffy Putty is a versatile and engaging toy that kids will love.

Key Features:

  • Light and Fluffy Texture: Unlike regular putty, Fluffy Putty is lighter and fluffier, providing a unique tactile experience.
  • Super Stretchy and Soft: Easily stretch, snap, and mold the putty without it becoming sticky or messy.
  • Sensory and Tactile Play: Ideal for sensory play, helping to stimulate and engage children's senses.
  • Available in Three Colours: Choose from green, grey, or pink for a colourful and fun playtime.
  • Convenient Tub Size: The putty comes in a tub measuring approximately 4.5cm in height and 9cm in diameter, perfect for storage and portability.
  • Safe for Ages 3+: Designed for young children, promoting creative play and fine motor skill development.


  • Encourages Creativity: Children can roll, shape, and mold the putty into various designs, fostering imaginative play.
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills: Handling the putty helps improve hand strength and coordination.
  • Provides Sensory Stimulation: The unique texture offers a satisfying sensory experience, perfect for tactile play.
  • Portable and Easy to Store: The compact tub makes it easy to take Fluffy Putty on the go and keep it fresh between uses.
  • Safe and Non-Sticky: Made with safe materials that won’t stick to hands or surfaces, ensuring a clean and enjoyable playtime.

Why Choose Fluffy Putty?

Fluffy Putty is not just a toy; it’s a tool for creative expression and sensory development. Its light and fluffy texture make it a delightful alternative to regular putty, offering a new and exciting way to play. Whether you’re looking to engage children in sensory activities, encourage imaginative play, or simply provide a fun and stress-relieving toy, Fluffy Putty is the perfect choice.

Ideal for children aged 3 and up, Fluffy Putty provides a safe, engaging, and versatile play experience. The vibrant colours and unique texture will capture children's imaginations, making it a favourite in any toy collection.

Bring home the fun and excitement of Fluffy Putty – the perfect blend of sensory stimulation and creative play. Grab your tub today and let the fun begin!

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