Focus 4 Fidgets 7 Pack

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The Focus for Fidgets 7 Pack is a comprehensive collection designed to aid concentration and provide sensory relief. This value-packed set of tactile toys is perfect for classrooms, therapy sessions, or home use, offering a variety of tools to engage and calm users.

Features of the Focus for Fidgets 7 Pack:

  • Stress Ball: Helps relieve tension and is excellent for strengthening hand muscles.
  • Twist 'n' Lock Blocks: Enhances fine motor skills through the manipulation of connected blocks.
  • CHUIT Chew Buddy: Provides oral sensory input, suitable for individuals who need chewing stimulation.
  • Tactile Wooden Animal: Offers a natural texture to touch, promoting sensory exploration.
  • Tangle Toy: A classic fidget toy that is perfect for keeping hands busy and minds focused.
  • Woody the Worm: A flexible wooden toy that can be twisted and turned, encouraging creative play.
  • DNA Stress Ball: Features an intriguing design and texture that captivates and soothes.


  • Enhances Focus: Each toy in the pack helps divert excess energy, facilitating better attention and concentration.
  • Sensory Integration: Ideal for individuals with ADHD, autism, or sensory processing disorders, providing a variety of sensory feedback.
  • Portable: Comes in a convenient drawstring bag, making it easy to carry and store the toys.

Ideal For:

  • Educational Settings: Teachers can use these fidget tools to support students who benefit from sensory breaks.
  • Therapeutic Use: Therapists can incorporate these toys into sessions to assist clients in focusing and managing anxiety.
  • Home Use: Families can provide these tools for children to use during homework time or when extra focus is needed.

The Focus for Fidgets 7 Pack is designed to meet the needs of various users, offering both fun and functional benefits, promoting better focus and stress management in any setting.

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