Forest – Small World Play Kit

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The Forest Small World Play Kit is the perfect tool for creating your very own miniature forest habitat. Designed for messy outdoor play, this kit allows children to immerse themselves in a creative and nature-inspired storytelling adventure.
Included in the kit are three essential elements: the Little Lands Woodland, Forest Play Scenery Stones, and the Hollow Log.
These components work together seamlessly to recreate a lifelike forest environment within the confines of a small world.

The Little Lands Woodland features a variety of natural elements, such as trees, bushes, and miniature forest creatures, allowing children to recreate their own woodland scenes. The Forest Play Scenery Stones further enhance the experience, providing realistic stone formations that add depth and texture to the play area.
Finally, the Hollow Log serves as a perfect hiding spot for small animal figurines and allows children to replicate the natural habitats found in real forests.

The Forest Small World Play Kit encourages imaginative play and fosters a deeper connection with nature. Children can let their creativity run wild as they build their own forest scenes, creating storylines and characters that come to life within this interactive play set.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, this kit is durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for messy outdoor adventures. Whether on a camping trip, in the backyard, or even in the classroom, the Forest Small World Play Kit provides endless hours of imaginative play and discovery.

Turn an ordinary playtime into an extraordinary adventure with the Forest Small World Play Kit. Let the creativity and exploration begin!

Contains: Little Lands Woodland, Forest Play Scenery Stones and Hollow Log.
Safe for 2+.

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