Fun And Focus Sensory Kit

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The Fun and Focus Sensory Kit is a comprehensive collection designed to enhance focus and concentration through a variety of sensory activities. Each item in the kit targets different sensory needs, making it an excellent tool for children needing stimulation and a way to channel their energy constructively.

Contents of the Fun and Focus Sensory Kit:

  • Fun Kit Bag: Keeps all the sensory tools organized and portable.
  • Lacing Cheese: Helps improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Bendy Man: Flexible figure that can be twisted and manipulated, great for tactile exploration.
  • Tangle Toy: A continuous loop toy that improves finger dexterity and calms anxiety through smooth motion.
  • Mini Sand Timers: Useful for time management and transitioning between activities.
  • Matching Textures Bag: Encourages tactile discrimination and language skills as children describe and match textures.
  • Tin Kaleidoscope: Offers visual stimulation with an array of colorful patterns.
  • Oozy Tube Timer: Visually intriguing, helps with relaxation and focus by watching the slow, mesmerizing descent of liquid bubbles.

This kit is not only cost-effective but also highly practical, offering tools that cater to visual, tactile, and fine motor skills development. It’s ideal for use in educational settings, therapy sessions, or at home, providing engaging ways for children to learn focus and self-regulation.

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