Fun Z Balls Set Of 3

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The Fun Z Balls Set of 3 offers a playful and engaging way to enhance sensory exploration and learning in young children. Each ball in the set is uniquely designed with distinct features and weights, making them roll in unpredictable patterns and directions, which captivates and stimulates a child's curiosity and sense of discovery.

Features of the Fun Z Balls Set:

  • Variety in Movement: Each ball has a unique internal structure:
    • Red Ball: Off-centre balance, causing it to roll sideways.
    • Yellow Ball: Contains small weights that make it move in a zigzag (Z) direction.
    • Blue Ball: Features ridges for a smoother, slower roll.
  • Sensory Stimulation: The varied textures, colors, and movement patterns of the balls engage visual, tactile, and motor skills.
  • Educational Play: Introduces young children to basic concepts of physics, such as gravity, momentum, and friction, fostering early scientific thinking.
  • Motor Skills Development: Handling and chasing the balls helps enhance both fine and gross motor skills.

Package Dimensions:

  • 12 inches x 3 inches x 11 inches

This set is perfect for parents and educators looking for toys that provide more than just entertainment, offering educational benefits that encourage learning through play. Each ball's distinct response to gravity not only amuses but also educates, making the Fun Z Balls a valuable addition to any child's playtime.

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