Gathering Drum

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The gathering drum is an exceptional musical instrument designed for group play, perfect for educational settings, music therapy sessions, or community gatherings. Here’s a detailed overview:

Features of the Gathering Drum:

  • Dimensions: The drum has a large diameter of 91.5 cm, allowing 3-4 players to comfortably play together.
  • Construction: It boasts a bright red, solid wood shell that enhances its aesthetic appeal and ensures durability.
  • Drum Head: The natural goat skin head produces a rich, authentic sound and is securely held in place with gold-coloured rivets.
  • Portability and Setup: It includes two foldable legs that raise the drum off the ground, making it accessible for players seated cross-legged around it.
  • Accessories Included: The drum comes complete with a pair of beaters for playing and a bag for convenient transport and storage.


  • Group Interaction: This drum is ideal for group playing, encouraging teamwork and social interaction through music.
  • Educational Tool: It can be used to teach children about rhythm, coordination, and the joy of making music together.
  • Therapeutic Use: Music therapists often use gathering drums to engage clients and encourage expressive communication.

This gathering drum combines functionality, aesthetic appeal, and educational benefits, making it a valuable addition to any musical collection.

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