Gelli Baff Slime Baff

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Transform ordinary bath time into an extraordinary sensory experience with Gelli Baff Slime Baff! Just follow these simple steps: run your bath, add Gelli Baff Slime Baff, then sit back and watch as the water magically transforms into thick, gooey slime.

But don't worry, this Gelli Baff Slime Baff won't leave any mess behind – it's completely safe to use and won't stain your tub. Plus, it's made right here in the UK!

Features of Gelli Baff Slime Baff:

  • Endless Fun with Gelli Baff Slime Baff: Bath time will never be the same again with Gelli Baff Slime Baff. It's the perfect gift for kids aged five and up.
  • Messy Play with Gelli Baff Slime Baff: Ideal for those messy play days when kids want to get creative and explore different textures.
  • Easy to Clean Gelli Baff Slime Baff: Despite its gooey nature, Gelli Baff Slime Baff is easy to clean and leaves no stains or marks behind.
  • Skin-Friendly Gelli Baff Slime Baff: Not only is it fun to play with, but it also softens and cleanses the skin as kids splash around.

Get ready to add a splash of excitement to your bath time routine with Gelli Baff Slime Baff – it's guaranteed to make a splash!

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