GeoSafari® Jr Talking Space Explorer

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GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Space Explorer

Explore the cosmos and learn about space with the GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Space Explorer. Developed in collaboration with scientists, this toy telescope is an immersive digital picture viewer equipped with a high-resolution LCD screen, allowing young astronomers to delve into the wonders of space.

Key Features:

  • High-Resolution LCD Screen: View 13 videos and over 120 crystal-clear images, including stunning media from NASA.
  • Educational Content: Listen to 200 space facts and quiz questions narrated by Emily Calandrelli, star of Netflix's 'Emily's Wonder Lab', providing an engaging and educational show-and-tell experience.
  • STEM Learning: This toy telescope picture viewer is an ideal way to introduce preschoolers to STEM learning, fostering an early interest in space and science.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for little hands, the telescope is easy to set up and allows children to play and learn independently.


  • Educational Media: Preloaded with 120 crystal-clear images and 13 videos about outer space.
  • Voice Narration: Features the voice of Emily Calandrelli, offering fun facts and quiz questions about space.
  • Power Requirements: Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

The GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Space Explorer is an excellent tool for young space enthusiasts, combining visual and auditory learning to inspire curiosity and knowledge about our solar system and beyond. This engaging and easy-to-use educational toy is perfect for preschoolers, making space exploration accessible and exciting for kids.

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