Get Get Go Sensory Ball Pack

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The Get Get Go Sensory Kit is an indispensable resource for all creches, playschools, and school environments, providing a comprehensive collection of sensory tools to support children's development. Designed to stimulate the senses and encourage exploration, this kit offers a range of tactile experiences that are essential for sensory development.

Key features of the Get Get Go Sensory Ball Pack:

  • Sensory Touch Koosh Balls: These soft, textured balls are perfect for tactile stimulation, providing a variety of sensory experiences through touch.
  • Physio Activity Roll: Ideal for promoting gross motor skills and balance, the physio activity roll encourages active play and movement.
  • Jumbo Tactile Ball: A large, tactile ball that offers a unique sensory experience, promoting hand-eye coordination and sensory exploration.
  • Multactiv Stones: These versatile stones can be used for a variety of sensory activities, including sorting, stacking, and balancing, providing opportunities for tactile and visual exploration.
  • Blindfolds: Perfect for sensory exploration and promoting awareness of other senses, blindfolds encourage children to rely on touch, smell, and hearing.
  • Spiky Balls: These textured balls provide tactile stimulation and sensory feedback, helping to improve hand strength and coordination.

With the Get Get Go Sensory Ball Pack, educators and caregivers can create engaging sensory experiences that support children's cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Whether used for individual sensory exploration or group activities, this kit provides valuable resources for promoting inclusive and interactive learning environments.

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