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The GetSetGo with Athletics Pack is an exciting collection of junior-friendly equipment designed to introduce children to various athletic events while promoting exercise, gross motor skills development, and a love for sports. Whether used in schools, clubs, or recreational settings, this pack is sure to inspire the next generation of athletes and provide endless opportunities for active play and learning.

Key Features:

  • Junior Alternatives: The pack features junior alternatives to popular athletic events, allowing children to participate in activities tailored to their age and skill level. From foam discus and javelins to plastic relay batons and hurdles, children can experience the thrill of athletics in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Encourages Exercise: By engaging in athletic events, children are encouraged to be active and participate in physical exercise. Running, jumping, throwing, and other activities promote cardiovascular health, strength, agility, and coordination while having fun.

  • Develops Gross Motor Skills: Participating in athletics helps children develop gross motor skills such as running, jumping, throwing, and catching. These fundamental movement skills are essential for overall physical development and lay the foundation for future sports participation and lifelong physical activity.

  • Inspires Learning: The pack provides opportunities for children to learn about different athletic events, rules, techniques, and strategies. Through hands-on experience and guided instruction, children can develop a deeper understanding of athletics and sportsmanship while honing their skills.

Contents of the GetSetGo with Athletics Pack:

  • 4 Foam Discus Team Colours
  • 6 Foam Javelins 90cm
  • 4 Foam Shots Team Colours
  • 6 Plastic Relay Batons Junior
  • 4 Plastic Hurdles 6"
  • 4 Plastic Hurdles 12"
  • 6 Pop Up Cones 9" Fluorescent Orange
  • 12 Spacemarkers
  • 1 Measuring Tape ABS Open Frame 30m
  • 2 LCD Economy Stopwatches
  • 2 Large Brass Whistles
  • 1 Albion Team Holdall

The GetSetGo with Athletics Pack is a fantastic resource for schools, clubs, and organisations looking to engage children in athletics and promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. With its diverse range of equipment, this pack offers endless opportunities for fun, fitness, and skill development.

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