Giant Fishing Game 1-20

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Giant Fishing Game 1-20

The Giant Fishing Game 1-20 is the ultimate game for children that combines learning, fun, and outdoor play. Whether played indoors or outdoors, this game is designed to captivate and engage children while they improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Giant Fishing Game 1-20 Features:

Educational and Fun:

  • Number Learning: The game includes 20 brightly colored fish, each numbered from 1 to 20, helping children learn and reinforce their numbers as they play.
  • Motor Skills Development: Children will love the challenge of using their fishing skills to hook the fish, improving their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Durable and High-Quality:

  • HDPE Material: Made from durable HDPE material, the fish are approximately 23cm long, ensuring they can withstand the excitement of the game and handle outdoor conditions.
  • Sturdy Fishing Rods: The game includes two sturdy plastic fishing rods, each 72cm long, offering the perfect length for children to reach and catch the fish.

Versatile Play:

  • Indoor and Outdoor: Designed for both indoor and outdoor play, this game is perfect for any setting.
  • Water Play: Not limited to dry land, the game can also be used in water, making it a great addition to pool parties or beach outings.

Convenient Storage:

  • Net Bag: The included net bag provides easy storage to keep everything organized until the next fishing adventure.

Set Includes:

  • 20 Fish: Each numbered from 1 to 20, approximately 23cm long.
  • 4 Fishing Rods: Each 72cm long.
  • Net Bag: For easy storage and organization.


  • Fish Size: 230mm (L)
  • Fishing Rods Size: 720mm (L)
  • Age: Suitable for children aged 3 years and older.


The Giant Fishing Game 1-20 is a fantastic way to encourage learning, improve skills, and create lasting memories. Children will be captivated by the bright colors and the fun challenge of catching fish, all while learning their numbers from 1 to 20. Made from durable materials and designed for versatile play, this game is perfect for indoor, outdoor, and even water play. Get ready to reel in the fun with this engaging and educational game for children

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