Giant Netting Number Crabs 1 - 20

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Dive into educational fun with the Giant Netting Number Crabs game, a delightful and engaging way to combine physical activity with basic numeracy skills development. Designed specifically to foster gross motor skills and number recognition, this game is perfect for energetic children eager to learn and play.

The Giant Netting Number Crabs game comes with 20 friendly giant crabs, each boldly numbered from 1 to 20, making it easy for little learners to identify and match numbers while having a blast. Accompanied by two large crab nets, this game is ideal for capturing the numbered crabs, enhancing hand-eye coordination through interactive play.

Key Features of the Giant Netting Number Crabs Game:

  • Versatile Play Settings: Perfect for sand and water play, but just as functional on any flat surface, providing flexible options for indoor or outdoor activities.
  • Educational Benefits: Helps develop crucial early learning skills, including gross motor abilities and basic numeracy, through a fun and physical game.
  • Comprehensive Set: Includes 20 crabs and 2 large nets, ensuring that multiple players can join the fun at once.
  • Convenient Storage: Supplied with a durable net bag, making it easy to store and transport the game components.
  • Generous Sizing: The crabs measure 22cm each, and the nets are 75cm long, perfect sizes for young children to handle comfortably.

Whether used at home, in the classroom, or even at the beach, the Giant Netting Number Crabs game is a fantastic tool for teachers and parents looking to engage children in a fun, educational outdoor activity. This game not only entertains but also educates, making learning about numbers as enjoyable as playtime itself.

Bring the joy of learning to your child’s playtime with the Giant Netting Number Crabs game—where fun and education meet on the playground!

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