Glow In The Dark Lizards

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Introducing our captivating Flexible Lizard Figure, a playful companion that adds a touch of magic to both day and night adventures! This delightful lizard figure boasts glow-in-the-dark properties, making it a fascinating toy for children of all ages.

Simply place the Flexible Lizard Figure in a well-lit area to absorb light during the day, then watch as it comes to life with a captivating glow in the dark. Whether used for imaginative play or as a comforting nightlight, this glowing lizard adds an extra element of excitement to any playtime experience.

Available in an assortment of four vibrant colors, there's a lizard to suit every preference and personality. From bold blues to radiant greens, kids can collect them all and embark on endless imaginative journeys.

Each Flexible Lizard Figure is carefully crafted with flexibility in mind, allowing for dynamic posing and interactive play. Whether curled around a finger or perched on a shelf, these charming creatures are sure to spark creativity and delight in children of all ages.

Bring home the magic of the Flexible Lizard Figure today and watch as imagination takes flight both day and night!

  • Lizard figure
  • Glows in the dark
  • Assortment of four colours
  • Approx. 13cm

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